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Andy Hillig Solutions LLC develops leadership capabilities to manage better, optimize services, and innovate in order to consistently create more value for those we serve


As today’s health care delivery becomes increasingly complex and customer expectations evolve, leaders are called to develop new models of care and lead their teams through the change. 

I tailor my approach to help your team develop and operationalize strategies that will achieve the transformation you want. With deep industry experience and a track-record of developing leaders, I help you implement innovative solutions to optimize performance and create more access to care.  I also coach and mentor your leaders so they develop the capability to improve performance and deliver on strategic priorities. 

Achieve Strategic Goals

I coordinate and align teams to move goals from concept to reality.  I develop and install a true way of doing business that focuses teams on achieving top strategies, monitors current performance, identifies gaps in achieving desired performance, empowers people to continually improve and ensures leadership accountability for achieving the operational plan.  I then train and coach leaders on how to engage teams in daily management to build trust and alignment needed for success.

Coach Leaders | Launch Leadership Careers

I coach leaders on the essential skills and habits to engage their teams and manage a winning business operation so that they grow their career and continue to advance and get recognized as a leader.  I also work with new and emerging leaders to gain new perspectives that help them to reprioritize, think “big picture,” address the challenges they face in their personal and professional lives, find better work/life balance, improve their leadership abilities and engagement levels, increase business performance and make a greater impact at work, get to the next level of their career, and build a more fulfilling, well-rounded life as a healthcare leader.


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Debra, Health System Regional President

Andy’s diverse capabilities sets him apart from many in his field. Andy has the remarkable ability to analyze a myriad of multifaceted, complex issues to create strategic and operational business plans that have contributed to our organization’s success.

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