Healthcare is on a new path forward. To meet the expectations of today's healthcare consumer, we need leaders and leadership teams who are really smart about the business of health care, focus on achieving the strategic plan, find ways to be more efficient and effective, and constantly be on the look out for promising innovations that can fundamentally change the healthcare. 

I have been blessed to develop as a leader and gain many valuable experiences as healthcare journeys on this new path forward.  I hold a bachelor’s degree in clinical laboratory science and a master’s degree in business administration and management.  I achieved board certification as a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) in 2009, I completed ACHE's Executive Program in 2012, and I was certified by The Virginia Mason Institute in Advanced Lean Management in 2015.  

In 2009, I was the recipient of the Wisconsin ACHE Regent’s Young Healthcare Executive Award.  I received the ACHE Distinguished Service Award in 2016.  In 2010, I developed and led the ACHE-Wisconsin Chapter's "Leadership Development Program" - a program that still thrives today.  

Professionally, I have been the ACHE Regent for Wisconsin, the ACHE-Wisconsin Chapter Board President, and served on national committees for ACHE.  I've been a faculty for ACHE’s Annual Congress on Healthcare Leadership for five years.  I also serve on community organizations, including current appointments on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's, Masters of Healthcare Administration Program Advisory Council.

In my more than 10 years in leadership, I've always enjoyed figuring out how to get to process to work better.  I have developed a multi-dimensional approach to innovating and finding creative solutions for health care's toughest challenges that fuels my passion to make a difference. My proudest accomplishments are developing emerging leaders, influencing senior leadership, bridging clinicians and administration, aligning actions with the organization's strategic plan and motivating cross-functional teams to re-shape what health care looks like. I get my energy from opposing the status quo, and being a thought leader in finding creative and effective solutions. I thrive on leading with vision, developing new strategies to solve tough challenges, and translating goals into actionable solutions. 

I have led end-to-end transformations, bridging the gaps between strategy and operations, grew the business with better patient access and throughput, optimized productivity and created a better work-life balance for members of the team. I have also developed innovative programs that systematized on-demand access to care and incorporated virtual solutions to meet the expectations of today's healthcare consumer. My years of experience, working across multiple dimensions of healthcare delivery, has provided me with the opportunity to see how the industry works and how it must be improved. 

If you are discouraged by the status quo, want to create more value for your customers, want to be a better leader, are wildly creative, and want to consistently execute on your organization's strategic plan, get in touch with me to talk more.




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