2021: Make It Your Year To Take The Lead

We are only a couple of weeks into 2021, and I am still trying to make sense of what is happening with the events that surround us and how quickly the unhelpful rhetoric, from everywhere, is promoting violence. I am at a total loss for words, but it is clear that we desperately need collaborative individuals who know what it means to lead.

As I continue to talk with my kids about the most recent political unrest, in our country, I find myself coming back to my core belief that each moment gives us an opportunity to decide how we will choose to act. We take the lead when we choose to create a positive experience for others we engage within these moments. So, despite conventional thinking that “leadership” is a title, we all become "leaders" when we have a positive impact on others, and effect change.

As I began my career, I never thought about becoming a “leader,” in the traditional sense. But because of my core values, beliefs, and inclusivity, I built a reputation for having a positive impact on others and on the workplace. So, in a sense, leadership chose me. And as I continue on as a leader, I think about how to affect change, just by continuing to focus on how to leave each moment better than I came into it. We need more leaders who want to leave every situation, better than they found it, and find common ground with others. But we are desperately short of those who want to step up and take the lead in our country and in the workplace.

According to annual surveys, conducted by top talent management advisory groups, nearly 90% of organizations are concerned that there are not enough leaders to step into leadership roles in their organization.

This is good news if you are a natural leader who believes that they can have a positive impact on those around them. 2020 and the beginning of 2021 have been defeating for us all, but from every defeat comes success. So, as you look ahead to what 2021 may hold for you, make it the year where you seize every opportunity to take the lead and be the change we need to see. And, if you are curious if you have what it takes to be a leader or want to amp up your leadership, take some time to reflect on the following questions and fill in the blanks on the last statement.

1. What makes me a leader?

2. Why do I choose to be a leader?

3. I want to be known as a leader who…., so that….

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