Become a Transformational Leader. Hire a Coach!

This pandemic has highlighted the need for transformation in the workplace. How effectively organizations have been developing their future leaders, who can lead the transformation, has not been as obvious. Organizations that are progressively identifying their next generation leaders and cultivating them with individual leadership development plans, which includes leadership coaching, are poised for future success.

Leadership coaching is increasingly being embraced as an effective and highly personalized strategy for developing current and budding leaders. Coaching helps good leaders become even better, positioning emerging leaders for long-term success, and contributing to the retention of key employees who value the reward that it represents.

Defined as a partnership that engages an individual with a specially trained coach, coaching helps individuals see what is holding them back so that they become all they can be. A coach helps leaders to increase self-awareness, develop critical thinking skills, improve team leadership performance and provide sustainable organizational change. True coaches build trust and rapport with an individual, and have a combination of coach-specific education, knowledge and skill, support their clients with insight-provoking inquiry, keen observation and creative action-planning that brings out the best in the client.

While coaching has significant benefits for an individual, it also brings substantial payoff for the organization. For example, those who experience coaching discover the power of inquiry-based versus telling conversations. Conversations move from “Get on board!” to “What are your fears?” When there is a positive shift in the way people work together, the organization begins a transformation to one that is characterized by more open communication, growing cross-functional partnerships and increasing psychological safety. Fundamentally, every organization is a collection of people. When the environment in which those people operate is one that encourages and rewards candor, respect and mutual support, the entire business benefits. Coaching is the key to infuse those elements into the organization’s operations and ultimately, into its culture.

I recently decided to leave a career as a highly respected healthcare business administrator to become a leadership coach. While I had a very successful career, I knew I could offer more to help organizations transform their workplace and I wanted to help prepare leaders who could put the organization on their backs and carry it forward to unchartered places.

If you’re inspired to lead and want to transform the workplace, I’d like to help you get to the pinnacle of your career, as your leadership coach. I am happy to offer you a complimentary 30-minute coaching session, to get a feel for how coaching can help you become a transformational leader.

To schedule your free coaching session, click on this link:

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