Calling all Emerging Leaders

Join me and my colleague, Seth Teigen, at this year's ACHE Congress where we will be hosting a seminar for emerging leaders about the skills and traits necessary to be successful and grow your career.

Healthcare management is experiencing unprecedented change, testing our abilities and determination. The challenge for today’s leaders will be to maintain stability while acquiring wisdom during a period of transition. With more than 30 years of combined leadership experience and diverse pathways to their current roles, Seth and I will share how we are achieving high degrees of success in our organizations, how we are engaged in their communities and how we are serving as leaders within ACHE. We represent different areas of the healthcare system but have common traits and strategies for how we’ve taken ownership of our careers and achieved success as a result. In addition to our leadership stories, we will facilitate in depth discussion. After this discussion, you will be able to develop your own strategies and your own road map for getting recognized as a visionary leader and becoming an advocate in your profession and community.

Learning Objectives:

Discover the steps to take to be proactive about your leadership development and make a strong start to your career.

Recognize the importance of being active within ACHE and in your community to build a network of career advisers, mentors and friends.

We are sessions 23A and 23B

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