Thoughts of a Former White-Executive

It has been a challenging few weeks. The murder of George Floyd has been a defining moment in raising awareness for what has been happening to Black people in America. With this gained awareness, there is so much to change – learning about racism, becoming better allies, forming advocacy groups, create inclusive businesses, and so on. As a business executive, doing all of that while trying to handle it appropriately and incorporate it in your organization, is a lot. But how much longer can you wait to create a diverse and inclusive workplace? And, where do you start?

I am not an expert on diversity and inclusion. But I am a former business executive and people leader who leaned on my background and upbringing, growing up on the south side of Chicago, to champion diversity efforts in my organization and assemble diverse and inclusive teams. My past has shown me, firsthand, how much progress can be made when teams of diverse people have a purpose and work toward a goal. Diverse teams can power innovation, and studies have shown that equal and inclusive workplaces do boost the performance of an organization.

We are all searching for what we can each do to remove racism and inequality from America. I am an executive and leadership coach who can be a thought partner for white business executives who want to remove racism and inequality from their workplace. Not just right now but making sure it is a regular part of the business going forward.

I am trained as a trusted partner who provides a safe place to be vulnerable, uncover your blind spots, unconscious bias, and micro-aggression, and challenge yourself to think differently so that you carve a road to greatness, paved by inclusion, equality and collaboration.

You can’t afford to wait any longer to work with an executive coach and begin leading a more diverse and inclusive workplace. I would be delighted to be your thought partner as you work to remove racism and inequality from your business.

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