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Healthcare management is experiencing unprecedented change, testing our abilities and determination. The challenge for today’s leaders will be to maintain stability while acquiring wisdom during a period of transition. There are key things emerging leaders need to do to be proactive about their leadership journey and take ownership of their careers, early, to achieve success.  During focused development sessions, emerging leaders will discuss strategies and develop a road map for getting recognized as a visionary leader and becoming an advocate in their profession and community.  This program will help new and emerging leaders to gain an outside perspective so they can reprioritize and think “big picture,” address the challenges they face in their personal and professional lives, incorporate work and life, improve their leadership abilities and engagement levels, increase business performance and make a greater impact at work, get to the next level of their career, and build a more fulfilling, well-rounded life as a healthcare leader.

​Ideal outcomes are elevated self-awareness, enhanced personal and professional well-being and performance, new leadership opportunities and increased organizational impact.

Case Study

An Associates degree nurse and flight nurse for nearly 20 years, Adam was highly accomplished and recognized for his ability to bring his colleagues together to launch new programs and educate others.  Adam had returned to school a couple years ago to complete his bachelors degree in nursing, but found that he no longer had a passion for direct patient care.  Having a young family to support, Adam reached out to me for help on finding his passion and developing a plan and pathway to explore new opportunities in nursing. 

I administered the MBTI (he found he was an ESTJ) and provided feedback to Adam on his style, his personality, and the way these reflect in his work.  We planned how to leverage his past experiences and his rediscovered strengths to identify positions that kept Adam in nursing, but explore interests outside of direct patient care.  We planned how he could develop a resume that spoke to his past relevant experiences and how to sell himself during the interview.  

Ultimately, Adam did move away from direct patient care and found his calling, where he could apply his strengths of building order and structure.   Through our work together, Adam has become more upbeat, has a more positive outlook and renewed energy, but he’s also happier in life as well – as the family man he wants to be.


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